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    Annually, at the proposal of the departments, a plan-schedule is issued for the next calendar year, including basic courses/ thematic courses/ individual training and registration requirements.

    The plan-schedule is printed out annually by the end of May and is sent for distribution.

    The plan-schedule includes the following:

    Basic courses – for specializing doctors included in the programmes of the respective specialties.

    Thematic courses – included in the specialization programmes. Thematic courses /paid courses/– for specialists with higher education, working in the healthcare system.

    Individual training (paid training), which is not a Highly Specialized Activity, with a duration of up to 4 weeks – acquisition methodology and recent/ current developments in certain sections of the specialty.

    The fees for the different trainings are published on the last page of the plan-schedule.

    Participants in paid thematic courses as well as in individual trainings shall pay a participation fee (30 BGN), determined by Order № PR 36227/19.08.2008 of the Rector of the Medical University – Sofia.

    Participation in courses as well as in individual trainings is paid by bank transfer.



    Bank account

    Bank: Eurobank EFG Bulgaria

    Address: 1, Bulgaria Sq., Sofia

    Postal code: 1000

    Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University – Sofia

    IBAN: EN 63 BPBI 7940 3163 9822 01

    BIC code: BPBIBGSF


    Plan-Schedule 2024

    Plan-Schedule Letter 2023

    Plan-Schedule 2023


    Requests may also be submitted via e-mail: mfsdo@medfac.mu-sofia.bg

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