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    The Faculty of Medicine in Sofia was the only higher school of medical sciences in Bulgaria until 1950, entrusted with the responsibility to represent the national higher school for medical training.

    The biography of the oldest and largest Medical University in the country begins with laying the foundations of its Faculty of Medicine.


    6th November 1917

    The 4th regular session of the 17th National Assembly started with a discussion of a draft law for the establishment of a new faculty at Sofia University – the Faculty of Medicine. The draft law was submitted to the Bulgarian Parliament by the Minister of Enlightenment Petar Peshev with the words: "Without doubt, one of the important government tasks which we have to accomplish is the opening of the Faculty of Medicine at our University... First of all, this is for our national pride and, more importantly, for the sense of dignity of our country, which has embarked on a better future. This is also a result of the need to lay the foundations of Bulgarian science in the field of Medicine!”.


    10th November 1917

    The draft law was adopted and entered into force by Decree №21 of Tsar Ferdinand. It was entered in the Government White Paper on 22nd November 1917 and published in the State Gazette. The Ministry of National Enlightenment provided the Faculty of Medicine with the building of the First Male High School on Dunav St.


    8th February 1918

    Publication of an extract from the 1st page of the State Gazette, issue №29, year XL, Friday, 8th February 1918.


    10th April 1918

    The Academic Council of Sofia University elected a temporary committee which was responsible for the establishment of the new educational institution. On this day, in the presence of the Minister of Enlightenment as well as members of the Supreme Medical Council, Prof. G. Shishkov gave the first lecture on Zoology. The second lecture on Physics was given by Prof. Al. Hristov.


    17th May 1918

    The Academic Council elected the first professor at the Faculty of Medicine – Dr. Vasil Mollov (department of Internal Diseases). After him, Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich was awarded the title of Professor  of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases. In his turn, Dr. Parashkev Stoyanov was awarded the title of Professor of Operative Surgery.


    1st March 1919

    The first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Ivan Kiprov was elected professor of the Faculty Council. A six-year programme of study was adopted at the new Faculty of Medicine. Pre-clinical subjects were taught during the first two years of study. The Faculty followed strictly as a benchmark the educational practices of the renowned faculties in European countries.


    April 1919

    The library of the faculty was founded and the rules for its organisation and functioning were adopted.

    A number of foreign professors, mostly Russians, who found shelter in Bulgaria, expelled from their homeland during the Civil War in Russia, took part in the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. These were: Prof. V. Vorobyov (department of Anatomy), Prof. A. Mankovski (department of Histology and Embryology), Prof. V. Zavyalov (department of Physiology), Prof. A. Yanishevski (department of Nervous and Mental Diseases), Prof. G. E. Rhine (department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), Prof. I. Shapshal, Prof. S. Abramov, Prof. D. Krylov, Prof. A. Medvedev and Prof. A. Cherevkov.



    The first scientific society was established – the Bulgarian Society of Dermatology.



    Assist. Prof. Hadzhiolov, Dr. Zmiyarov and Dr. P. Pophristov organized the publication of one of the world’s first journals for medical students “Premedicus”. They also organized the first student clubs in different specialties, which up to this day contribute significantly to improving the knowledge and skills of students in various scientific disciplines.



    The Faculty awarded its first “Doctor Honoris Causa” titles to Dr. Moulines (1929) and Dr. Marin Rusev (1930).



    The Law on Public Education was amended and the Departments in the Faculty of Medicine increased by 12 to a total of 31.


    28th January 1950

    In 1950 the Faculty of Medicine was separated from Sofia University. The Medical Academy was established by Decree №246 of the Presidium of the National Assembly. It also included the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy.


    July 1950

    The Institute for specialization and professional development of doctors was established.



    The Medical Academy was transformed into a Higher Medical Institute.


    30th April 1972

    By Decree № 921 of the State Council, the Higher Medical Institute became part of the Medical Academy, bringing together all the higher medical schools in Bulgaria, namely those in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and later – the newly founded ones in Pleven and Stara Zagora.



    The number of lecturers and research assistants reached 4168 and the number of students was more than 10000.


    29th October 1990

    The Higher Medical Institute was restored as an independent higher school by a Decree of the Council of Ministers and was granted autonomy, according to the world university practice.



    The Faculty of Medicine became a leading, legitimate, full-fledged structural unit of the Higher Medical Institute.


    21st May 1995

    By decision of the 37th National Assembly, the Higher Medical Institute in Sofia has been named Medical University.

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