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    Admission procedures for PhD students

    Bulgarian and foreign citizens who have acquired an educational and qualification degree “Master” are eligible to apply for a PhD programme at the Medical University- Sofia.

    The scientific specialty, for which candidates may apply, must be in the same professional field as the obtained Master’s degree.

    The Medical Faculty- Sofia at the Medical University- Sofia offers the following modes of study:

    • Full-time

    • Part-time

    • Independent mode of study

    If you have not yet chosen a topic and a scientific specialty, a full-time or part-time mode of study is suitable for you.

    If you have chosen your topic, scientific specialty and PhD supervisor, as well as if you work under an employment contract, the independent mode of study is more suitable for you.

    Table with topics

    • Admission of full-time and part-time PhD students

    • Admission of PhD students- independent mode of study

    • PhD students- announcement


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