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    Аcademic Calendar

    Winter semester 2nd – 3rd year students: 25th September 2023 – 12th January 2024

    Winter semester 4th – 6th year students: from 18th September 2023 according to a schedule

    Winter semester 1st year students (language of instruction: English): 23rd October 2023 – 9th February 2024

    January exam session: 16th January 2024 – 16th February 2024

    Exam session 1st year students (language of instruction: English): 12th February 2024 – 23rd February 2024

    Summer semester: 26th February 2024 – 7th June 2024

    Summer semester 4th year: 13th March 2024 – 31st July 2024

    Summer semester 5th year: 28th February 2024 – 30th July 2024

    Summer semester 6th year: from 18th March 2024

    Start of the pre-graduate internship: 18th March 2024

    June exam session: 11th June 2024 – 12th July 2024

    September resit exam session: 2nd September 2024 – 20th September 2024

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