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    Postgraduate education

    The Postgraduate Education sector at the Medical Faculty- Sofia organizes, registers and coordinates the postgraduate training of specialists working in the healthcare system.

    The postgraduate training includes:

    1. Training for acquiring a specialty in the healthcare system.

    2. Continuing training of specialists with higher medical and non-medical education, working in the healthcare system.

    The trainings are carried out by the lecturers of the 45 Departments and Clinical Centres of the Medical Faculty.

    The forms of training of graduate students include basic and thematic courses, as well as individual practical trainings. They are consistent with the curricula of the respective specialties.

    The continuous training for specialists is carried out in the form of thematic courses and individual trainings, ensuring an increase in their theoretical and practical training.

    The training for acquiring a specialty, as well as the continuous training of specialists shall be carried out, registered and administered in accordance with the regulations governing these trainings.

    Graduates of the various forms of postgraduate education receive certificates.

    The postgraduate training for acquiring a specialty at the Faculty of Medicine takes the form of a specialization. The training shall be carried out in accordance with programmes approved by the Minister of Health for a fixed period, specified in the Nomenclature of specialties, Annex 1 to Article 1, Subparagraph 1 of Regulation № 34 of 29th December 2006 on acquiring a specialty in the healthcare system and passing the final state examination before an examination board. Graduates receive a certificate for a recognized specialty.

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