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    Foreign Students

    The Foreign Students Department provides full administrative support to the students including:

    • acquainting students with their rights and obligations, in accordance with the Rules for Preparation and Conduct of the Academic Year of the Medical University- Sofia
    • providing complete and accurate information on all issues concerning the academic standing of students
    • ensuring the timely collection of the foreign students fees
    • supervising the learning process of foreign students
    • issuing all the necessary documents such as student book, student ID card, certificate of studies/ enrolment, academic transcript, documents required for new ID/ passport issuance etc.


    Administrative services

    Forms and academic documents



    1. Registration form

    2. Data subject consent form

    3. Declaration of confidentiality

    4. Contact details declaration

    5. Health insurance declaration

    The health insurance declaration must be filled in only by students who meet the following requirements:

    • foreign students with dual citizenship (Bulgarian citizenship + article 95, subparagraph 10)
    • foreign students who have been admitted under Council of Ministers Decree 103/1993 and Council of Ministers Decree 228/1997
    • foreign students (nationals of EU and EEA Member States)-  in this case the principle of social security regulations in the EU shall be observed, e.g. each person is insured in one Member State and has full rights in only one Member State. In all other Member States, the person only benefits from emergency medical assistance with the EHIC (European health insurance card).

    6. Assurance form

    7. Request form

    Downloadable forms can be found in section ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES/ SUBSECTION FOREIGN STUDENTS.


    Academic documents (fees/ processing time and instructions on how to request academic documents)

    Please note that all the academic documents are issued only in Bulgarian!

    How to apply for academic documents:

    • by sending an e-mail to the relevant expert (it is obligatory to write your faculty number, year at university and type of document you would like to request)


    1. Academic transcript (processing time- 10 working days)

    During the academic year, students may request only 1 academic transcript, which is free of charge.

    Students are required to pay a fee for each subsequent academic transcript they would like to obtain.

    Administrative fee: 84 BGN

    2. Certificate (processing time- 3 working days)

    Administrative fee: 20 BGN (only for students who have lost their student rights and graduates)

    3. Assurance form

    4. Student book duplicate

    • request for a new student book (you have to submit it to the relevant expert)
    • document for paid administrative fee – 15 BGN
    • 1 photo
    • new student book (you have to buy it from the bookstore)

    Academic documents- graduation

    1. Diploma and Diploma Supplement (in Bulgarian)

    2. European Diploma Supplement (in English)

    3. Dean’s Letter- 120 BGN

    4. Diploma Supplement duplicate– 84 BGN



    Students who have lost their student rights shall pay the respective fees!


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