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    Applications are accepted in the Postgraduate Education sector or sent to the sector through the Regional Health Care Centre, within one month after the announcement of the plan-schedule. The applications submitted for participation in the trainings should be correctly and fully completed.


    The received applications are classified in dossiers, which are submitted for approval to the Heads of the relevant Departments. The candidates approved by the Departments shall receive practical training record cards for inclusion in the relevant form of training by the end of the current calendar year. Applications for the unfilled places in the different forms of training are accepted throughout the year.


    The beginning of each training or internship is registered in the Postgraduate Education sector.


    Main and thematic courses – based on the attached list of participants, drawn up by the training supervisor and signed by the Head of the relevant Department.


    Individual form of training- at the start of the training, the applicants must register in the Postgraduate Education sector and the final document is issued upon submission of an official note by the Head of the relevant Department and a receipt for paid fee.


    All the information regarding the trainings, which have been carried out since 1971, is kept in the sector. A duplicate shall be issued upon a request (the required fee is determined by order of the Rector).


    Template 3 – Courses for specialists


    Template 4 – Individual training for professionals


    Template 5 – Specialists

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