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  • Mission


    Development of a modern, dynamic European system of higher medical education through teaching, science, erudition and service to society.


    Objectives for achieving the mission




    • Academic level of student, PhD and postgraduate programmes which is comparable to high international standards;
    • Educating competitive medical specialists prepared to meet the current and future health needs of Bulgarian citizens;
    • Oriented towards prevention;
    • Responsible, critical, competent and capable of solving problems;
    • Able to work as part of a multidisciplinary team;
    • Striving for professional training/ development and lifelong learning;
    • Educated in qualities such as altruism, compassion, dedication, integrity, loyalty and respect for patients, colleagues as well as for the profession.


    Scientific Research


    • Programmes which aim to uncover the fundamental mechanisms of health and diseases;
    • Development and analysis of clinical treatment strategies;
    • Collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical sciences as well as between the academic staff of the Medical Faculty- Sofia and researchers from other disciplines;
    • Strive for development of highly significant projects and discovery;
    • Policy of promoting excellence.


    Healthcare activity


    • Graduates of the Medical Faculty- Sofia carry out healthcare activities based on samples of good medical practice and scientific evidence;
    • Students/ graduates actively participate in national and international professional organizations.


    Full integration of the medical education system in Bulgaria in the Guild of European and World Medical Education Institutions.

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