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    Educational Activities

    Educational activity


    • Organization and conduct of training of Bulgarian and foreign students for the acquisition of higher education at Master” educational and qualification degree;
    • Harmonization of the training with the standards of other higher education institutions in Bulgaria and abroad;
    • Achieving a level of comparability of the education completed at the Medical Faculty- Sofia with that of the EU countries;
    • Creating optimal conditions for socially distinctive personal, intellectual and professional growth of students, PhD students and postgraduate students as well as for their rapid adaptation to the dynamically changing environment;
    • Conducting the educational process using a modern material and technical base;
    • Organization and conduct of training for obtaining the educational and scientific degree Doctor”;
    • Organization and conduct of postgraduate training;
    • Continuous improvement of the educational process through a quality assurance system;
    • Mobility of lecturers and students for educational purposes;


    Scientific Research


    • Creating conditions for continuous development and improvement of lecturers and outstanding students in the scientific and research field;
    • Further development of the Medical Faculty- Sofia as an approved research centre at national and European level;
    • Stimulating, supporting and providing the academic community with opportunities for participation in competitions for specializations and research projects, financed by various institutions in Bulgaria and abroad;


    Moral activity

    • Improving the professional ethics, legal and organizational culture of medical specialists;
    • Regulating the interprofessional relations within the framework of the ongoing comprehensive reform in Bulgarian society and health care;

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