Educational Activities


Organizing and conducting a training of Bulgarian and foreign students for acquiring Higher Education at Master's degree;

Harmonizing the training with the standards of other higher education institutions in Bulgaria and abroad;

Achieving a level of comparability and equivalence of the received education at the Medical Faculty, with that of the European Union;

Creating an optimal conditions for the socially distinctive personal, intellectual and professional growth of students, PhD students and specialists and their quick adaptation to dynamically changing environment;

Conducting the educational process with a modern educational material base;

Organizing and conducting training for obtaining the educational and scientific degree "doctor";

Organizing and conducting postgraduate training;

Continuous improvement of the education process through a quality assurance system;

Mobility of lecturers and students for educational purposes.

Scientific research activity

Creating conditions for continuous development and improvement of the teachers and the outstanding students in the research field;

Further validation of the Faculty of Medicine, as a research and development center at national and European level;

Stimulating, supporting and ensuring the academic community to participate in competitions for specializations and research projects funded by different institutions in Bulgaria and abroad.

Moral activity

Improvement of professional ethics, legal and organizational culture of different profile specialists;

Forming a value system that is adequate to the new realities, of different profile specialists;

Regulation between the professional relationships within the ongoing comprehensive reform in the Bulgarian society and health system.