Development of a modern dynamic European system of higher medical education through teaching, science, education and community service


  • Education
  • Comparable to the highest international standards to academic level of the student, doctoral and postgraduate training programs
  • Graduation of a medical specialists by European standards, who are competitive and prepared to meet current and future health needs of Bulgarian citizens
  • Prophylactic-oriented
  • Responsible, critical, competent and able to resolve problems.
  • Able to work as part as multidisciplinary team
  • Abilities of a professional education and lifelong learning.
  • Raised in qualities such as altruism, compassion, dedication, integrity, loyalty and respect for the patient, the colleagues and the profession.

  • Scientific Research
  • Programs to uncover the fundamental mechanisms of health and disease
  • Development and analysis of a clinical strategies for healing
  • Collaboration between preclinical and clinical sciences, as well as between Medical Faculties members and researchers from other disciplines
  • Aiming for developing a scientific projects of major importance
  • Policy to stimulate excellence

  • Health Activities
  • The students of the Medical Faculty perform medical health care based on good medical practice and scientific evidence
  • They are actively involved in national and international professional organizations

  • Full integration of the Bulgarian academic medical education system, into the guild of European and global institutions in medical education.