Suspension of the present educational process at the Medical Faculty


In connection with order РК-36-4079 from 28.10.2020 of the Rector of Medical University of Sofia for suspension of the present educational process at the Medical Faculty for a period of two weeks, as of 29.10.2020. I order

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1. Requesting academic documents

Students can request academic documents via e-mail after 9th November 2020.
Please send an e-mail to after 9th November 2020!
No e-mails/requests will be accepted before 9th November 2020!

2. Receiving login details for the online platform
Students can request their login details after 9th November 2020. Students will receive
additional instructions regarding the online training soon!

3. Student books
Students will receive their student books according to a schedule. Each group will be asked
to come to the Dean’s office on a definite date/ time.
Please follow our website for up-to-date information. The schedule will be posted on the
website in a couple of days!

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Urgent: Online seminars


Due to the epidemic situation the seminars for Medical Genetics - third year and the seminars for Epidemiology - sixth year will be temporarily held online, starting from 12.10.2020 until a second order from the Dean . All students should check the website of the Medical Faculty at the Medical University of Sofia for further information.

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Additional resit exam session 07.10.2020-23.10.2020


Registration requirementsregistration requirements

 - please check carefully the exam dates. students are not allowed to sit 2 exams on one and the same date!

- please note that the number of places is limited. no one can register for an exam once the maximum number of students has been reached!

- in order to register for an exam, please send an e-mail to your expert as well as your payment receipt (90 bgn leva for each exam). your e-mail should include also your full name, faculty number, subject and exam date. no other details! you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


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Platform for receiving student accounts (emails)


 the receipt of information through this platform regarding the student accounts applies only to students who study at the Medical Faculty- Sofia

- students will see how all disciplines, which have to be visited by them, will be gradually added
- in case of inaccuracies regarding the added disciplines, please send an e-mail
- in case of problems with the student e-mail, please send an e-mail
- in case of problems with the platform logging, please send an e-mail
- Your username is your faculty number. Your password is the last 4 digits of your reference number for the Ministry of Education and Science. You can find this number on the student certificate (on the right side of the document, on the bottom of the page- Служ. номер in Bulgarian).

In order to log into the platform, please follow the link:

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